Smooth Move

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. Until you find out home may soon be hundreds of miles away.

Moving day can be intimidating, fun and stressful. Often moving can be all three things at once, and other words come to mind. What happens when your company calls and says you have done such a great job working in the New York regional office that the firm wants you to move to North Carolina and oversee a regional office in the South?

Moving from New York to North Carolina, or any other from-to destination in the country, doesn’t have to be a stress-filled nightmare. If you do some research into the move things will get easier. For starters, look into the prices for storage units and trucks right away. Having prices ready and written down avoids the sticker shock later on. With a little ingenuity you will find a great rate. These companies are in competition for your business and deals can be found.

Carefully pack all of your smaller items into storage boxes, and make sure the boxes have plenty of packing material inside of them to avoid the inevitable lumps and bumps boxes take in the back of moving trucks. Bigger items should also be secured, such as bedroom and living room furniture.

Don’t try to pack everything into one truck. Have a backup plan handy such as an extra truck. If you need to rent extra equipment, the moving company will work with you. Your own company may work with you if the move is job-related. Check with your business to see how much moving expenses it will cover. Have a copy of an Internal Revenue Service form handy as well. Moving expenses, within reason, can be deducted from tax returns.

Cities across the country have storage facilities and truck rental. Once you are in your new home city, extra equipment may be needed. Raleigh, NC truck rental should be a snap, as it is North Carolina’s second-largest city. Whether you are moving to Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro or Charlotte, there is a rental market both for trucks and storage in all locations.

Prepare ahead of time with a checklist. Do research into prices and equipment for moving to a new city. Plan to research equipment and storage in your destination city, and check and re-check these lists. These are the main factors toward making your next move smooth and free of complications.

A move to a new city comes with the stress of finding new places to live, go to school, eat, make new friends, etc. Getting there is only half the battle, but you can control that half with careful planning.


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