Working the Natural Trend in Your Home

January may be the perfect time for fresh starts, but who says a new beginning needs to look like something from the future?  Hark back to simpler times with an abundance of natural materials, nature-inspired colour schemes, and sturdy, trusted pieces in your interior décor projects this year.

It’s all about texture

Sleek, glossy furniture may be all very well if you’re after that clinical look, but for those who want their house to feel homely, bringing the outside in – and in as pure a form as possible – is the only way to furnish. Think untreated wooden chairs and scrubbed wooden tables, beautifully complimented with simple houseplants to create a living area with natural charm.

Create a mood

It’s all too easy to reach for a tin of paint in sunshine yellow and colour the walls with a shade indicative of spring and happiness, but why not use natural shades to create a really organic atmosphere? Light- coloured wood can brighten a whole room; be inspired by the Coco Bolo and White combination you can see in Wren’s bedrooms section. Just team the woodwork with pale shades to keep things airy and let it shine as the room’s main feature.

For a dark and moody room that will never look dull or flat, choosing deeply-coloured wood is a great move. You don’t need to cover the whole room; an impressive, rustic wooden bed is enough to set the tone for the whole space, just give it a backdrop of rich colours to offset its luxurious image.

Natural colour palette

This needn’t be all earthy browns and pebble greys -be inspired by duck-egg blue and fresh green as subtle washes of uplifting colour that’ll never go out of style. If you choose colours that are brighter and less organic, balance things out by opting for nature-inspired patterns or images; let the calming leafy pattern on the bedlinen here inspire you.

Timeless but edgy

Taking your queue from nature doesn’t mean you have to forgo quirky design features. Look out for light-fittings like this one which combine natural colours and textures with an attention-grabbing style, or simply blend contemporary lighting with your classic features. A dark wood kitchen, for example, can really come to life when lit up in the right way, with a soft glow in the dining area from a low-hanging chandelier, and stronger lighting in work areas courtesy of carefully placed spotlights.


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