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This week on our weekly column ‘Blog Love’ we interviewed  Igor Josifovic – founder of Happy Interior Blog.

1. When did you start blogging and why?

I started Happy Interior Blog in October 2011 as my ‘digital home’ for everything that inspires me to a happy home. Before blogging I curated lots of interior design related content and at one point I just needed a permanent, more personal base to save and share all those inspiring finds. Ever since I am trying to pass on a bit of the happiness I feel when it comes to beautiful, personal homes and home accessories.

2. Tell us a little about your blog and where you are from.

My blog’s core mission is to share happiness – for your homes and consequently for every reader. I truly believe that a beautiful, personal home is the basis for a happy and content life. We should be more encouraged to embrace our personal style and tastes. We should create our home with the people we love and with the finds that we bring along in our lives. All that makes for a happy home. And this is something I want to share on a daily basis on Happy Interior Blog.

I myself come from various cultures. I was born and raised in Austria to Serbian parents, lived in Greece and now I am living in Munich, Germany and Paris, France. That multicultural background and my ongoing travels have shaped my vision of interior design and my personal home which is also a reason why I’ve embarked on the adventure of interior design blogging. Apart from my blogging I pursue a career in online marketing as a day job.

3. If you had the choice to change your marketing  job,  what would you choose ?

Marketing is a creative field that I really like and I wouldn’t change it for the moment. I am focusion on social media and the impact we can reach by smartly using the social web. This in combination with anything interior design related is my dream occupation.

4. If your house were on fire, what would you grab first?

I think I’d go for my Macbook, iPad and iPhone. First, it is the easiest to grab and run, second it has loads of important stuff in it – my private pictures, work, my entire blog content. I wouldn’t want to miss it. All the rest is rather replaceable.

5. Describe your dream home.

My dream home would be a bit more spacious. I’ve always lived in tiny city center apartments and had to compromise when it comes to interior design. I had to make yes and no decisions. I would love to have a home that would offer the space to create and recreate my interiors, to live my passion and change corners of my home. Oh, and it should be a cosy home located in Paris. That’s where I am heading eventually for my personal future.

6. What are you wishes for 2013?

I would love to have more time for my blog cause I have many ideas for this year. I want to refresh and grow it and make it an even happier place for my readers.

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