Designing with Blinds In Mind

When it comes to designing a room, many people make the mistake of treating blinds as an afterthought. But blinds should be seen as an important part of the room and although they may not be the centre of attention if you get things right, if you get things wrong they will be eye-catching in the worst possible way.

So how can you go about designing a room with blinds in mind?

First and foremost, you need a solid idea of what you are trying to achieve and how the room will fit in with the style of your property in general.

Pastel coloured roller blinds are going to be a definite no-no in a sleek, minimalist apartment, but they would look good in a little holiday cottage.

Frankly, a little common sense is all that’s needed a lot of the time, and if you have a strong idea of the impact you want your room to make, then getting a general idea of the sort of blinds you need won’t be a problem. But a general idea isn’t good enough; you need to know the exact kind of blinds you want before you start the physical process of redesigning a room.

And there are plenty of factors to take into account. For bigger windows, panel blinds are a good idea, while Venetian blinds are an excellent way of controlling the amount of light that enters a room.

And as you’re pondering these issues, it’s important not to let the basics slip. Ordering made to measure blinds, for example form Direct Blinds will ensure you don’t end up with the annoyance of blinds which don’t fit.

After all, who wants to design the perfect room and then have it spoiled because the blinds they’ve ordered are too long, which looks scruffy, or too short, which looks scruffy and lets light in when you want to keep it out.

So if you take the time to perfectly match the style, colour and size of your chosen blinds so they suit the look you’re going for, you can be sure they’ll complement the room perfectly.

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