Stylish Glass Doors by Casali

Italian glass door company Casali devised a means for rethinking the idea of doors as borders between rooms.  Instead they use their glass doors as an innovative means for reconsidering the ways that we divide space and provide privacy.

Working hand in hand with architects and designers of all types for more than 30 years, Casali has learned to combine art and science when executing the needs of each individual.  They play on the unique characteristics of each space to create livable solutions that are both convenient and versatile, as well as exclusive in form.

Each door is assembled with unique graphics, colors, and brushed stainless steel connecting elements that match function with beauty.  The range of designs outline and divide rooms in a way that permits the flow of lighting and keeps everything unified.

Their plain frosted doors might fit a formal space perfectly, while their doors with tree-like designs create a more unified organic feel that tips its hat at nature.  Their bi-colored doors boast colored combinations that evoke strong moods in everything from black and white to turquoise blue, grape pineapple, and ocean lime.

To add to their innovative arsenal, Casali also creates curved solutions for unconventional spaces.  For anyone looking to add an unconventional touch to the elements that divide their rooms, Casali will provide a thoughtful solution.


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