150m Weekend House by Shinichi Ogawa & Architects

A graceful water fall is located at the entrance gate of the property.  Behind it lies the road that leads you to this amazing dream home designed by . The main house extends from east and west on the left of the driveway entrance. On the opposite side there is a glass home located in the forest which is utilized for guests to the property. The primary residence appears to be composed of a singular white cube and 2 horizontal plates which are 11m wide and 150m long.  A white cube containing a formal living room, a large dining area and a pantry. This structure sits alongside a long deck and 40 m long pool that are both completely exposed to the sun’s rays and the amazing landscape that surrounds the property. At the opposite end of the deck from the white cube structure is a stairwell that leads into the lower level. Underneath this long deck and pool are the private areas of the home. The home is located on a hill in a forested park in Thailand. The spectacular dream home is constructed primarily from reinforced concrete and currently holds the record for the longest home in the world.

Within the cube a grand stairwell descends to the lower level and divides the open space with 6 m high ceilings into separate living and dining areas.

The pantry area is located behind the barrier enclosing the right side of the dining space.

On the lower level there are 6 bedrooms suites. Each suite includes a private open plan living and dining rooms space and en suite bath room. These rooms have a glass wall and deck to their southern exposure while the Northern side seems to be adjacent to an internal corridor. The East end of the home is encompassed by a glazed spa and fitness center. While the Western side hold rooms for the maids quarters and storage purposes. The home has a total of over 1664 sqm floor space.

The overall palette for the home is very neutral with white walls and grey flooring. The furnishings are modern and minimal with a very linear appearance. Beautiful glass bookcases add some sparkle to the bedroom areas of the home and the wood used for the decking presents a warming contrast. The bedroom areas have a wall of glass that opens allowing for a bright and airy feel even within these spaces that are below partiality under ground level.

The separate guest home is very similar in styling to the primary residence. It is made from a steel structure with glass walls. It is one story and a total of  approximately 148 sqm. I understand that this property is in an isolated area, but it doesn’t appear as though there are any coverings for the bedroom or bathroom windows and doors that open into what would seem to be public space. Even if this home was occupied only by family members, it appears as though there would be an issue with lack of privacy.

A video of the property made by soa is also available on youtube.

photos from soa – by: Pirak Anurakawachon

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  • Josh Urso Design
    March 7, 2013

    We like the pool but our cat Mao Mao would love the long straight shots to run run run.
    It’s a beautiful design that takes advantage of the views, offers comfortable and livable space without disrupting the landscape.

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