1950s Beverly Hills House Transformation by Pablo Jendretzki

The 1950s House in Beverly Hills by architect Pablo Jendretzki has been redesigned to become an open-plan modern dream home. Set into a hillside overlooking the city, this 5,000 square foot home becomes one with its surroundings. The residence was initially designed by the iconic architect, Hal Levitt.

The newly shared interior spaces interconnect in a linear pattern and face the pool which is definitely the stunner of this property. Rich wood flooring was used in both areas, creating a synonymous flow between outside and in. Living areas are elegant in presentation and receive no walls. Instead, shelving partitions were implemented to create subtle division and framing of spaces without cutting off lines of sight–such a simple yet ingenious idea!

Furniture is streamlined and modern with a white sectional in the living room and dark grey modular sofa in the more casual family room-kitchen zone. A freestanding fireplace unit with built-in flat-screen television is wrapped with horizontal wood panels and sits in this central lounging/dining hub.

Warm wood accents intrigue and take on the form of a organically-cut tree trunk coffee table, as well as an intricate timber sphere at the entrance. Double wooden doors here are unique with a center glass panel seemingly portraying a silhouette of the tree’s natural rings–beautiful!

Light is everywhere in this contemporary dream home–from the walls upon walls of sliding glass doors opening to the pool deck, to the groups of skylights across the roof. An overhang spans the length of the home’s living areas, allowing for shading and providing dimension to the rear facade. Huge turquoise planters pop with flowering greenery and link to the pool’s cobalt hue.

With the renovation, the pool deck itself now follows the property line more appropriately, with a sensuous geometric detail. Bold white lounge furnishings are molded in faceted shapes, adding a minimalistic allure to this spa-like setting. At night, fiber optic lights set within the pool’s tile work resemble stars, creating a cosmic vibe to this exquisite outdoor retreat.

This 1950s Beverly Hills House has been magnificently transformed, becoming a contemporary version of the modern dream home initially built on this property. Hal would be proud.

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