Artist Couple’s Villa in Amager, Copenhagen

Artist Couple Ruth Campau and Michael Mørk, along with Spark Architects, renovated their two-story villa in Amager, Copenhagen, instilling a retro-mod vibe, with mid-century pieces rounding out the unique dream home.

The first floor was originally a bedroom and guest room deprived of natural light. The artists wanted to add large bay windows to remedy this, however, the municipality would not allow the structure to be modified as such. As an alternative, the duo decided upon rooftop skylights, which precisely filter down plentiful light to this lower level. With such a bright, welcoming space, this area was converted into the main living room of the home. The master bedroom loft is airy, yet cozy with exposed gables painted white and what seems like endless skylights and windows.

The true design concept of this modern villa is a color story. Vibrant doses of yellow, blue, red, orange and green surprise in some of the living areas, while a more low-key tonal palette enhances others. Flooring consists of douglas fir planks both natural and painted grey, while walls are primarily white with pleasant pops of color such as a contrasting accent wall, as well as the many functional sliding closet and storage doors. The artists’ works are displayed throughout the home, and play well with the various vintage, contemporary and flea market finds filling the space.

A stand-out in this villa is the vivid yellow bathroom, where half of the height of this space is painted and walls blend seamlessly into the floor of this sunny hue. The circular curtain mounted upon the ceiling is what solely separates the shower from the main area of the bathroom.  A stark white rectangular basin and mirrored storage cabinets contribute to the cheery vibe.

Viewing these cleverly designed interiors can be likened to appreciating a sophisticated color wheel, while the daylight penetrating every room and personal art collections all create a happy energy within this modern dream home. (via)

Photos by Lars Kaslov

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