Bantangas House – Philippines by Chut Cuerva

A seaside retreat built by architect Chut Cuerva (in collaboration with Tisha de Borja) for his family, Bantagas House in the Philippines epitomizes casually-chic coastal living.

What I’m particularly passionate about in this modern dream home is how the designers have allowed the natural oceanscape to command primary attention, while the rest of the dwelling plays tranquil backdrop. Texture was infused throughout the space, which considering the vastly white and beige–almost monochromatic–color scheme, is a stand out. The views–from the moment you reach the front entrance–are captivating. A multi-level central core ascends to the roofline and is kept open, allowing washes of natural light to cascade in from the seaside exposure. Ocean blues filter in through the plethora of framed windows throughout this dwelling, with unobstructed views of the distant islands upon the horizon.


From the street, this all-white contemporary structure seemingly blends into sky, with hints of bright greenery and the azure sea beyond. Once inside, the layout flows with an open living room-dining room area partially divided by a set of freestanding stone steps. Flooring is covered in this same luxurious material, as are some walls. The next level features a loft-like workspace on one side and the modern kitchen on the other. Streamlined cabinetry wraps this space which also presents a center cooking island and basic stools with breakfast bar for enjoying relaxed meals. Bedrooms are situated up another flight.

Another place of this spectacular home which could fulfill anyone’s dream escape is the large outdoor terrace. Clad with a timber deck set with stark white and sand-colored contemporary furnishings and fitted with white linear screens in lounging areas, a built-in pool sits flush with the decking, and seemingly fuses with the ocean just behind it.

While somewhat modest in its design approach, the Bantangas House is a modern family dream home which magically melds with its natural surroundings of the sea.

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