Black and White Townhouse – Copenhagen, Denmark by Norm Architects

Rarely is a design concept so definitively ‘black-and-white’, yet in the case of a modern dream home by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects, that’s precisely what the project is. A four-level townhouse bathed in brilliant white with strategic black accents, Copenhagen Penthouse II personifies the beauty of minimalism.

The exterior proves to be characteristic of the surrounding dwellings of this central Copenhagen neighborhood, where facades are constructed of classic grey-brown bricks and traditional window frames. Upon entering this vast, clean space, though, one immediately feels a vibe of contemporary chic as well as a rush of relaxation. The natural light literally bounces between the pure white walls, ceilings and floors. With such a rich palette of white-on-white with doses of black, it seems as if the interiors were photographed with a special effect.

To contrast the all-white spaces, a central core was painted striking matte black. Lighting is camouflaged underneath this structure creating an illusion of floating walls.  To establish height within the residence, which was rather closed off due to four vertically-divided floors, cement walls were knocked down, glazed elements like floor-to-ceiling staircase panels added and all doors were cut to the ceiling.

Smooth white resin floors gleam, flowing between rooms and produce a neutral backdrop allowing the artful furnishings to command attention. Geometric recessed lighting spotlights the floors generating unique light forms and adding interest to the understated space. The top floor possess a ceiling of rustic beans painted stark white and features rooftop skylights which allow daylight to generously pour in.

Much attention was placed on streamlining storage and cabinetry so details such as door handles, panelings and fittings were limited to exposure. Closets were built in to create flush walls, while wiring for lighting fixtures was completed with wireless switches.

The child’s bedroom is the one dedicated space popping with vibrant accents of fuchsia, navy, lavender, yellow and green. From shelving cubbies stocked with small wooden toys to the circular rug made of colorful mini pom-poms, the bright white space is playfully dotted with cheer and exudes a sense of harmony with the rest of the home.

With zero clutter, a newly open floor plan and plentiful windows, Copenhagen Penthouse II is a visually soothing modern dream home which beckons simplified living at its finest.

photo © Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen


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