Buena Vista Terrace by Feldman Architecture, Inc.

Buena Vista, or as translated into English ‘Good View,’ is an apropos name for this contemporary dream home created by Feldman Architecture. The home has amazing views of the city skyline. The Buena Vista Terrace residence renovation was conceptualized in order to blend a compartmentalized two story residence into more of a cohesive three story contemporary garden home. In the process, the previously unfinished basement and area under the deck were integrated into an additional living space with an attached modern garden.

The layout of the ground level was modified to form an open plan living, kitchen and dining space. Floor to ceiling glass pivoting doors were incorporated to take full advantage of the spectacular views and allow for easy access to the large deck area. This also helps to promote a more indoor/outdoor living style and capitalize on all available space. The cozy more formal living room is directly connected to the dining space resulting in a perfect area for entertaining. A modern tone is accomplished throughout the space with the use of contemporary lighting fixtures set against the backdrop of dark wood furnishings and cabinets flanked by stainless steel appliances. The channel glass panel adds a lovely sense of diffusion and almost softness to the space. Together these components with the warm wood flooring and neutral color palette create a very clean and streamlined yet comfortable and cozy space.

On the basement level there is a very contemporary living space including a large storage area and display case. This portion of the home could easily be multifunctional as both an office area and family room both with a view of the tranquil garden. The same pivoting glass doors were installed to provided easy access this beautifully articulated garden area.

The top floor comprises the private spaces of the home with a luxurious master bedroom suite that again has been designed to take full advantage of the sweeping skyline views. The bathroom has modern fixtures with a marble countertop and dark wood cabinet for contrast. The detailed tile work and channel glass privacy screen of the other bathroom provide an enhanced sense of luxury and privacy for the free standing soaking tub. This would be the perfect place to relax and take a nice hot bath after a long and busy day.

Although this home does have a difficult layout, the architects assisted the home owners in creating a modern dream home that maximizes the potential of the space. The design takes full advantage of the views from every level and succeeds in bringing a modern aesthetic with minimal furnishings to this modestly sized home.  Throughout the space light pours in, enlivening what otherwise would be a naturally darker space, considering that there are adjacent homes on both sides of the structure.






Photography by Paul Dyer


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