Casa de Mosteiro – Portugal by Arquitectos Matos

A modest-looking concrete mass from the street view, Casa de Mosteiro opens up to an airy modern dream home once inside the private lot. A concept envisioned by Arquitectos Matos, the single-story residence is located on the outskirts of Santa Maria de Feira in Portugal, Spain.

The dark charcoal concrete facade is dramatic, especially when set against the bold white walls and light woods which wrap the light-filled interiors. With an L-shaped courtyard program, the dwelling flows from living areas situated within the longer zone to the intersection entranceway, then on to the bedrooms, bath and study comprising the other end.

So remarkable are the custom walls of wood, especially at the core unit along the bedrooms, which are as equally beautiful from the outside perspective as they are from inside. This woodwork, while itself sleek, manages to provide a warm and earthy aesthetic within the more extreme, clean-lined interior spaces.

Minimalist interiors are tranquil in shades of grey, cream and pure white. The kitchen is a gleaming space of white-on-white with striking stainless steel accents such as in the slatted stove hood. The bay of frameless windows above the countertop open fully to the outside, welcoming fresh air and depositing natural light.

The home’s walls which line the courtyard are comprised of glass, creating a seamless effect of indoor-outdoor living. Immediately outside, a wooden deck wraps the edge of the home, with a plunge pool nestled into one end. Beyond this lounging terrace are grass and landscaped trees which can be enjoyed from any point of view from within this modern home.

A sentimental element, the rear privacy wall is constructed of stones from the previously existing residence which had belonged to a family member. The shimmering green-tiled outdoor fireplace pops against the dark concrete and becomes a most unexpected design contribution–love this!

Rather deceiving from the neighborhood view, Casa de Mosteiro is a bright, modern dream home possessing a simplicity and serenity one could only wish to live amongst.

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