Cheery Swedish Summer Cottage by LASC Studio

The Cheery Swedish Summer Cottage by LASC Studio is a fresh and fun modern dream home embracing modest Scandinavian design. Located in Skåne, Sweden, this converted farmhouse is a melodious mix of pine wood, concrete and simple white plaster with surprising elements of vibrant color.

While the exterior was treated rather traditionally, painted pure white with a black metal roof, interiors were completely remodeled–walls opened up and partial areas of the ceiling removed. This clearly creates a more open synergy to the quaint residence, which didn’t exist prior.

Here is the spotlight of this summer home: splashes of color! The rustic knotty pine and smooth plaster walls allow the turquoise (my favorite color!) and mango accents to almost glow within the space. Loving how these happy hues are merely hints, appearing on walls, doors and bookshelves. The staircase makes my heart beat fast–it’s a sculptural twist of turquoise, unexpected and creating a perpetually whimsical ascension to the cottage’s second story.

The first floor of this minimalist home features a main area of living room and kitchen with a two-sided wood burning stove acting as a divider between the classic pine and polished concrete flooring. Talk about use of modest materials–the poured concrete countertop sink in the kitchen is an art form, exuding such raw beauty. New paneless windows, as well as a sliding doors allows for endless views of the green fields and wildflowers across the property.

Especially upstairs, hallways and rooms feature angular approaches–again thought-provoking and interesting to experience including the camouflaged bedroom door. Skylights emit abundant natural light into these upper level spaces, which includes a small library. The bathroom delights with a freestanding white tub overlooking the farm through a picture-window, while the walk-in shower is remarkable with cedar and glossy blue-green tiles which splendidly bounce light.

Outside a rustic brick patio is dotted with casual blue and yellow chairs, while a temperature-controlled outdoor shower finishes this outdoor extension of the dwelling.

The Cheery Swedish Summer Cottage is just one of those homes which makes you feel “sunny”–if not envious–with simple, modern design plus popping colors.

Spotted in Dwell / Images by Thomas Ibsen and Laura Stamer

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