Chipicas Town Houses Private Garden in México

This hidden gem is located in Pueblo de Valle de Bravo, México. The Chipicas property is actually a complex of four town houses, all located in a magnificent private garden.  The beautiful homes are interwoven with the surrounding nature in their design and subsequently, to a certain extent, the life style of the residents. Designed by Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos, from the exterior the homes almost seem to disappear into the landscape due to the abundance of wood utilized in both their interior and exterior construction. Each home is dispersed over three levels. The open and spacious main living level is on the ground floor. The bedrooms are located on the upper levels and there is also a roof garden that facilitates a direct connection with the surrounding nature.

These four homes are the epitome of combined indoor outdoor living. The home is surrounded by glass and a vertically slatted latticework of wood. Natural light fills every space of the home and the floor to ceiling glass walls and windows provide for easy access to the outdoor terraces and an abundance of fresh cleansing air. This may not be a tree house per sec, but it certainly feels like you are living in the trees, a part of nature, but with a modern and luxurious interior space. The decor within the home is minimalist modern interior design enables it to maintain a crisp and fresh look. The palette is simple set against the backdrop of lush greenery.  It is rather like a modern resort than simply a residence.

Wood is used to define the structure causing it to meld into the staggeringly beautiful natural landscape. The surrounding trees allow for complete privacy, although the homes seem to be located in fairly close proximity to one another. A highlight of the overall design for me is the use of vertical screening. It projects a modern esthetic and an exotic appeal while maintaining the feeling of a light and airy space that embodies a sort of zen quality. There are enchanting views of the lush natural landscape from every floor of the home, but on the third floor specifically there is the additional inspiring view of the water.

Project Collaborators:

Ing. Miguel Campero

Ing. José Luis Salamanca

Alfredo Cortés

Photography by Jaime Navarro


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