Cool Partition Apartment – Ramat Aviv by Benjamin Lowenstein

A small space with a large personality, the Partition Apartment in Ramat Aviv, a neighborhood in Tel Aviv, Israel was designed by Benjamin Lowenstein. The modern dream apartment features a core partition which becomes a visually-pleasing and functional program of the flat.

At just under 1,200 square feet, the apartment is immediately recognized as a warm, friendly space. Designed for a small family, the plan is mainly shared and open allowing for plentiful interaction. The iron and pressed wood partition unit, however, creates privacy for areas including two workspaces and a cozy library.

An organized structure, the partition is color-blocked with shades of sky blue, cherry red and sunny yellow adding a jovial energy to the space. With a high-ceiling, the ventilation’s ductwork was kept exposed, housed in a horizontal compartment with glass windows, and clad in the same blue hue as the partition. Such a cool concept!

With the customized partition built perpendicular to the wall of windows leading to the apartment’s top floor terrace, abundant natural light is unobstructed and bounces freely within the interiors. Clerestory windows further contribute to the apartment’s brilliant light source. Such keen design, the partition also matches the trim of the glass doors and windows, once again, meshing seamlessly within the dwelling.

In the living room, a flat-screen television has its own cubby, as do CDs, books and a few pieces of home decor. One workspace features handy built-ins like a cork board wall, hidden keyboard tray and upper storage for files and such. The larger home office zone on the other side of the unit is kept private, with steel shelving opposite a custom desk.

The kitchen is adjacent to the partition and is cheery with bright green and pale pink accents. The dining table centers the white and grey space, and features chairs depicting retro-type, whimsical images.

Bedrooms are just off the main living area, featuring full-glass doors allowing for light to enter, while also opening up the space and creating an airy feel. The master is rich with a built-in headboard wrapped in a fanciful wallpaper which matches the recessed niche behind it. Bold red compartments add a pinch of pizzazz.

A small dream space, Partition Apartment features a fresh design element which makes for modern, organized living.

Photography by David Frenkel.

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