Country House – Skäne, Southern Sweden Styled by Lotta Agaton

There are some homes which are so simply inviting and intriguing at the same time and this Country House in Skäne is a prime example. While eclectic, even a tad off-beat, this modern dream home styled by Lotta Agaton exudes a distinct personality in a primary palette of black and white.

The design is fresh with unexpected breaks between vintage and contemporary furnishings, and quirky decor. There’s an element of country which by itself can be vanilla. However, when paired with the modernity of this interior, it works incredibly. Walls and rustic wood ceilings are painted bright white or black, while flooring is a mix-up of black-and-white tiles, charcoal slate and glossy painted wood.


The slightly sunken living room features two modern chairs set in front of a white block on casters, resting underneath a wiry globe pendant. Books and bric-a-brac top this coffee table, while the partition wall boasts some stirring photographic art which is magnificently exhibited throughout the dwelling. An area rug mimics a developed film negative offering an ultra-cool contribution to the otherwise white space. A ladder along one opening climbs to a loft bedroom.

A main dining room features an elongated bleached wood table with various-style chairs and a collection of cut-out metal lighting pendants resembling faceted gemstones. Another smaller cafe table is flanked by a classic settee, strewn with furs and pillows. The industrial white tiles–dare I say of the commercial kitchen kind–seen here and in other areas of the home are so befitting. This material plays a stark, cool contrast to the overall cozy aesthetic of this small contemporary dream home.

A quaint reading corner is light and airy, featuring a plush white hammock with soft blanket and pillows and hangs dramatically from silver metal chain links–adore this juxtaposition! While adversely, an inky black room is surprisingly not at all dreary. Instead, a ceiling trim of dripping white paint contributes a stark visual graphic to this space which seems to be a shoe and accessory nook–quite gripping design!

This Swedish Country House is indeed an unconventional modern dream home, with a vibe as individualistic as the residents who enjoy life there. (via)

Photo: Pia Ulin for Residence Magazine


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  • Demetrius McClain
    May 21, 2015

    I would like to know where I can purchase the indoor hammock by Lotta Agaton that you have posted in your July 16 2013 article Country House – Skäne, Southern Sweden Styled by Lotta Agaton.

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