Dream Home: A Tall House of Water by Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce

I spotted this beautiful dream home in the NYTimesA Tall House of Water. Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce discovered the dilapidated water tower in 2010 from their overlooking apartment on 36th floor of Strata Tower within the Elephant and Castle neighborhood. The dilapidated water tower is located near the Kennington area, which was surrounded by a series of condominiums. And, Osborne – a property developer – vowed to have it.

Osborne convinced Voce to transform the derelict water tower into a modern home claiming that it was time for a change. The water tower became unnecessary in the 20th century hence it was abandoned. They were legally required to fix the detailed brickwork that was damaged by the roots of plants and trees.

A 980-square foot modern addition was included in the renovation/restoration of the water tower, which was referred to as “Cube.” It actually consists of three floors of glassed-in space providing the couple with large and airy rooms including the open-plan great kitchen and modern living area.

On close inspection, there is a hanging fixture on the dining room that was created from colored wires and Edison bulbs, which he bought from the hardware store. The furnishings and furniture found within the newly renovated home completed the interior design such as the vintage dining chairs and even the starburst painting by the famous English artist Andy Shaw.

As previously mention, the open kitchen – which in my opinion is very impressive on its own – is part of the 980-square foot addition. I love how they decorated the area – unique and sophisticated at the same time especially when it involves Corian and cobalt glass for the backsplash above the stove.

The inspirational interiors resulted from the expertise and skill of construction crews that washed the brick walls clad with more than a century-old encrusted filth and with the addition of a great interior design, the water tower became a luxury domestic fortress – interesting indeed!

Check out the porcelain tub, which completed the bathroom design. All I could think of was – relax, relax and relax. The space is also oozing with privacy and I wouldn’t be surprised if you will agree. The most common theme throughout the living spaces is stripes, which reflects the brick pattern on the façade of the tower.

Overall, I love this building and its interiors – a dream home coming true indeed and I find it impressive that they pulled this off very well despite the challenges met along the way.

Photos: Will Pryce for The New York Times

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  • Leigh Osborne
    February 14, 2013

    Thanks for a woundeful article about us and our home !
    Leigh and Graham

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