Dream Home: Aboo Makhado by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

The Aboo Makhado is a beautiful dream home but honestly this is an understatement because in my opinion everything from its interiors to its layout is inspirational in more ways than one. This modern home is designed and completed by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects and I am clearly impressed not only by its interior design but by its architectural design as well.

I find the implemented house floor plans to be adequate and suitable to the kind of result the modern architects wanted to achieve. Honestly, this modern architecture is breathtaking, elegant, luxurious and modern but not too overwhelming to the senses. It features high ceilings and open spaces that created a visually spacious place. In addition, the materials and glass combined created an exquisite atmosphere.

Personally, I love the great kitchen with its clean edges and uncluttered design. The building was previously an unappealing face brick house and has now turned into something stunning, sophisticated and modern. Steel is one of the dominating materials but smartly used so. Opening glass, as mentioned, created a visually spacious area while allowing abundant natural light to seep through.

You should also check out the bathroom design, which in my opinion far exceeds my expectations of a simple space of privacy. I would love to have this home where I can retire after a long day’s work. (Via)

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