Dream Home: AM House by Drucker Arquitetura

I am honored to introduce AM House completed by Drucker Arquitetura. It is located in the charming, warm city of Sao Paulo in the country of Brazil. For me, the most notable feature of this dream home is the terraced design and the glass paneling. Glass is an elegant and most predominant characteristic of this modern home.

The modern architecture is a classic example of minimalism and abundance of light. The focal point of design lies in its centerpiece – the living room where you can find the floor to ceiling doors, which opens to public domains of the house such as the key-shaped swimming pool and the lush greenery. This layout emphasized the relationship between the interiors and exteriors.

There is also the presence of double-height ceilings that allowed natural light to seep in and making it spacious. The connected dining area is great for entertaining family, friends and guests.

I find the minimalism and light theme very inspirational but still it just doesn’t sound enough. The enormity of elegance in this modern architecture is apparent yet simplicity still oozes from its corners. The house floor plans made sure that the entire house evokes a sense of serenity and privacy for the owners.

The bathroom design is simple yet undeniably stunning. It offers a space solely dedicated to attend to the owner’s needs on a daily basis but more so in the need of privacy. For me, this home is a great and elegant place to return to at the end of the day.

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