Dream Home: Barefoot Luxury South African Home by AA Interiors

Be enthralled by the Barefoot Luxury South African Home which was designed and completed by AA Interiors. I must say I am aghast by the luxurious design of this dream home and amazed by how the modern architects were able to implement such fluidity of space for its house floor plans.

This modern home is located in the South African Pearl Valley Golf Estate. This modern architecture is newly constructed and the client required an all-out design for their personal home. The choices and the challenges may not be apparent on the finished product but if brief history is included I think I would understand.

I am amazed by the use of natural materials in this luxurious home particularly because it looks very modern and contemporary throughout the interiors and exteriors. The natural materials have established its own status over other minute details of the home. The designers emphasized the “barefoot luxury” but I must say that they did it without sacrificing comfort and aesthetic design.

The interior design speaks nothing but luxury, which is why I said the interiors and exterior both have “luxury” as something in common.

The great kitchen is not only great but also amazing – like literally jaw-dropping particularly the dining and the living spaces.

The orientation of the home is also dependent on the sprawling country estate’s architecture particularly on the scale and weight of furniture that will complement both the building and the design scheme. Though the entire layout is luxurious, I must say that nothing seemed out of place when it comes to fixtures and furniture with no overcrowding or cluttering.

This home is really inspirational for those who want luxury and comfort in one setting.

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