Dream Home: Bea Deza Residence

A dream home is a place where you belong – a place where you feel the most warmth and comforting. This is how the Bea Deza Residence made me feel when I saw it on the Spanish Elle Decor. Bea Deza was the one who created the fashion Sister Jane. Her flat in Notting Hill is oozing with British atmosphere – eccentrically cool just like her inspiring and bold fashion style.

This modern home has a living room that is oozing with British atmosphere brought about by the furniture and furnishings. You can find art collections everywhere like the deer head bought in Golborne Road and the artwork by Eduardo Laborde, which you can find next to the fireplace.

Personally, I like everything in this modern architecture including its implemented house floor plans, inspirational layout and most especially its interior design. It is a perfect place for artistic minds considering that the owner is a fashion designer. The great kitchen has an air of freedom and eclecticism, which continues into the lounge.

I love anything that’s classic and artistic and this dream home goes far beyond what I think a design should really be for a home. It contains a bit about everything – by which this mixture has made me think that everything can be mixed as long as you have a definite concept in mind. This home has the French twist making it classically modern.

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