Dream Home: Beau Constance Residence by Metropolis Design

If there is something that makes Beau Constance Residence unique is its captivating marriage of nature and architecture. It is designed and completed by Metropolis Design, which is programmed to house the main living area, meditation pavilion and guest cottage. The dream home is situated on a new wine farm that directed the main design concept by its amazing natural beauty. Because of this, the design concept is achieved with minimal intervention on the part of the modern architects due to its pristine site. Therefore, the concept followed by this modern home is based on a minimalist design vocabulary.

The modern architecture is a response to the brief and while this remained true throughout there are some commonalities in their essential design expression. The main building had major components reduced to plain elements throughout so it becomes the interplay of mass and void. The subtle touch is apparent throughout the house and exteriorly it looks comfortably settled as a single volume sitting on a loose landscape, which defined the main living area.

The house floor plans were implemented perfectly thus giving the owners of spatial experience that is layered and in sync with its natural environment. The architectural and conceptual clarity in this sense has been achieved from planning to the implementation.

Beau Constance Residence is specifically located in Constantia Nek up on Vlakkenberg, which is a 225-hectare previously livestock farm that was redeveloped into a small-scale wine farm. The design strategy did not involve too much intervention and will result to positive environmental effect at all volumes. Hence, both the architectural and interior design was entirely in sync with the external surroundings.

I would say that this architecture and its interiors are inspirational in more ways than one and it is not just because of its interesting layout but because of its amazing impact to the environment – taking it in the design concept and implementing it well.

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  • Trevor Price
    December 28, 2012

    What’s the view like from the top floor?

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