Dream Home: Brooklyn Brownstone Apartment by Kelly Behun Studio

This is truly artistic place – the Brooklyn Brownstone Apartment, that is. This dream home is a project completed by Kelly Behun Studio. The first thing that I like about this modern home is its bathroom design – just check it out for yourself and I’m sure you’d agree.

The interior design is like something that was taken out directly from the edited images of a magazine and I am definitely not exaggerating. The modern architecture has simply amazing attention to detail from the inside out. Everything has been well-thought of so that the design fits harmoniously with the interiors.

You can also see unique elements sprinkled throughout the apartment and the layout has been approached rather uniquely. The great kitchen is also – “what you see is what you get” but more on the artistic side.

Kelly Behun Studio has nailed the interior design of this home considering the modern architects’ extensive experience in residential design. This home is a physical representation of contemporary concept merged with the classic. (Via)


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