Dream Home: Cala d’or House in Mallorca by Flexo Arquitectura

Flexo Arquitectura – a Barcelona based firm – was tasked to design the Cala d’or House in Mallorca. This dream home has a design that can accommodate the changing nature including summer and winter. The modern home is a private solace situated at a tourism spot seaside region of Cala d’or. It sits on top of a dramatic slope and opens up to the garden patios and the beach views.

The exterior design is at par with the physical features of the region. It has a compact volume clad in white and is pierced by the four systemic terraces. The voids offer maximum sun exposure and cross ventilation including the specific areas for greenery, breezeways, lounging and playgrounds.

The implemented house floor plans allowed for the basement to accommodate the living area and the great kitchen is as an outdoor facility. It also includes the series of ‘summer rooms’ connected to the pool while the first and second floors are described as the “winter house,” which are connected to the interior staircases and are systematically arranged on the large bay balcony that is enclosed in a bamboo skin.

The portico allowed expansive views towards the harbor, which I find really jaw-dropping. But while doing so, privacy was not sacrificed in whatever way especially with the neighboring property nearby. It has a simple slab-on-type construction belying the ease and elegance of both programs but interwoven by smart circulation.

Image © josé hevia


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