Dream Home: Can Manuel d’en Corda by Maria Castello and Daniel Redolat

A dream home project completed in 2012 that caught my attention is none other than the design by Maria Castello and Daniel Redolat known as Can Manuel d’en Corda. This modern home is situated within a 19,060-square meter area in Venda Cap de Barbaria particularly in the island of Formentera, Spain. It encapsulates the typical local architecture in the area between the 18th and mid-19th centuries.

Honestly, this modern architecture deserves more than just usual attention because of the love and care that the modern architects have given into this project. In fact, I see the ‘heart’ speaks for itself in this project both in its architectural and interior design. The project’s implemented house floor plans conformed to the pre-existing conditions but they were enhanced and maintained throughout the house.

The layout of the main structure has a southeast orientation adorned with the simplicity of pitched roof gable. It is rooted on the landscape with traditional dry stone walls highlighting the connection of this architectural design to the farms adjacent to its very own location.

The interiors were decorated accordingly to represent the connection and to add some personal style to the setting. It was the extensive briefing for this project that gave rise to the concept leading to the current design scheme. The setting is light and airy with abundance of natural light seeping through – which in my humble opinion is a great addition to any home.

The original setting of the house has been maintained and kept especially in common spaces like the great kitchen, living, terraces and dining areas and the ground floor houses the service rooms and bedrooms while the basement houses the technical premises. The volumes for this inspirational structure had relevant views considering the landscape surrounding it but the subtle design elements had delineated the limits of the building. The building utilizes materials that will bring out traditional design particularly the exposed original stone walls. The bathroom design is clad with cement of pavement-like finish – and I am truly amazed at the finished look.

The modern architects Maria Castello and Daniel Redolat created such a great architectural and interior design. (via)

Photo © Estudi Es Pujol de s’Era

Old Photo © Marià Castelló + Daniel Redolat

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