Dream Home: Casa Finisterra by Rees Roberts

Located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – the Casa Finisterra is a completed design by Rees Roberts. I find this breathtaking and amazing.

It is actually the southernmost private dream home on the Baja Peninsula near to Cabo San Lucas. This modern home has the central courtyard that leads to both the private and public domains on the primary level.

The lower levels for this modern architecture – on the other hand – fit snugly underneath.

There is also the inspirational 80 feet long pool situated in between the house and ocean. This layout collapsed the spaces between the bodies of water.

For me, it has a very cozy air – as if you’re looking at a most expensive suite in a 5-star hotel. The interior design complements the architectural design. I love the bathroom design because of its modernity and simplicity without compromising functionality. This is something that’s essential for bathrooms – comfort and style in one.

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