Dream Home: Chelsea Townhouse by Elips Design

The Chelsea Townhouse was developed and completed by Elips Design and I am proud to introduce this dream home. It is located in Chelsea, London that has a deep and narrow floor layout, which I find interesting. In addition, it takes advantage of the abundance of natural light coming from the east and west. The modern architects of the firm Elips Design collaborated with interior design consultant – Giusi Zane which resulted to this stunning and amazing modern architecture.

The modern home enjoys the abundance of natural light – as I’ve already mentioned – which was achieved by systematically studying the levels of transparency both in vertical and horizontal orientation through the interplay of various perspectives and reflections. This is one of the things that make this architecture really interesting. This also gave rise to the creation of an extension made completely of glass. They used stainless steel as one of the primary material in this design so it creates reflection for the surrounding landscape.

They implemented house floor plans that included the 52-square meter building, which created the visual connection of the interiors to the surrounding external greenery while making the most of transparency and natural light. They did all these without sacrificing style and comfort, which are essential elements for a dream home.

The design approach was to make use of an open space, which created the series of clear-cut functional areas but maintained adequate spatial fluidity and blurred the stiff concept of the term “room.” The service spaces including the bathroom design were clumped together. The dining space as well as the great kitchen was housed in the basement while the living and library room were found in the ground floor.

I find this architectural design really inspirational and Elips Design has captured the essence of a stylish, luxurious yet simple and comfortable home. It is the kind of design that seemingly calmed the soul while relaxing the physical body. (via)

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