Dream Home: Contemporary Interiors by Sarah Lavoine

This dream home has modern interiors designed and completed by Sarah Lavoine. It is definitely a modern home but toned down by the use of wood in the interior design. I find the design concept of the interiors simply amazing.

Sarah Lavoine is beyond doubt an expert in color blocking because it is extremely challenging to pull it off especially if you want an elegant result. I also like the vintage lighting scheme used in the entire design – it is an element that is jaw-dropping allowing for classic to thrive within a modern design.

The furnishings and furniture are like pieces of puzzle that fit so well within the living spaces. And just look at that bathroom design, it deserves a five-star rating – don’t you think? (Via)


  • The Double Dubs - Stephanie
    February 25, 2013

    Love the bright pops of color! Definitely modern, nice clean lines, and those lighting fixtures are awesome. I like that they kept the lighting cohesive with shape, but changed up the color and function.

  • Home and decor
    February 26, 2013

    So nice… Great post! A great way to decorate, and CHEAPLY! Seriously, in it that a great big painting or something.

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