Dream Home: Copper Sky Residence by Swabuck Partners

I am honoured to introduce the Copper Sky Residence – completed and designed by Swabuck Partners located at the side of a rocky hill particularly in Paradise Valley, Arizona. This is a kind of dream home that embraces the natural landscape and keeping its connection with aesthetics. The design of this modern home was guided by outdoor living and the beauty of landscape that the owners thoroughly love.

The layout of this modern architecture conforms to the natural slope of the mountain particularly the deep roof while the cantilevered terraces have lessened the extent of imprint of the home to the property. The color scheme used in this architecture as well as in its interior design is desert colors that allow it to blend with the natural landscape. The texture finishes follow the same principle as well.

Since three-story building is not allowed on site, the garage was tucked under the main living floor and the master suite is housed on the top floor. For me, this is a very ingenious approach. At a glance, it looked as if the structure was carved out from the hillside and it is attributed to the boulders that were applied on the side of the retaining walls.

The interiors were designed by David Michael Miller Associates that consists of four bedrooms including the guest house with one bedroom and its bathroom design. This home sits on a 19,000-square foot area with interior design that takes full advantage of the natural landscape and light. In fact, this design approached blurred the distinction between interior and exterior without sacrificing or compromising the privacy of spaces wherever necessary. (via)


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