Dream Home: Cozy House and Winery by Studio MINIM

I am at a loss for words that would adequately describe what I just checked out – this Cozy House on an Old Mill. It is really jaw-dropping even at a glance. The dream home was formerly an old mill warehouse. It was redesigned and renovated to become a now-comfortable home.

The modern home is owned by one of the most prestigious winery enthusiasts in Tarragona Priorat province in Spain. He acquired an abandoned building, which was an old mill warehouse, and tasked Studio MINIM to create and develop a design that will make this almost dilapidated structure into a stylish residence.

The modern architecture stands royally within a 140-square meter lot with a single open space layout in its interiors. As previously mentioned the former building’s main architectural features are dilapidated and thus complete renovation and in some parts – replacement – are necessary.

However, the restoration work was mainly completed using the original materials of the structure. This is typical in rural buildings especially in this region. Also, some architectural elements are preserved such as the stone walls, arches and columns in their original form but are spiced up and enhanced to add beauty to its interior design. A ladder was also added, which will lead up to the second floor where the main sleeping areas can be found.

In the lower level, you will find the living room while the wine cellar is found in the basement.

Photos by Albert Font.

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