Dream Home: Downtown Density Loft by Mesh Architectures

Seriously, I think I am looking at something painted – classically beautiful and modern at the same time – if such a thing exists then it would be the Downtown Density Loft. This dream home is completed and designed by Mesh Architects and design they did! I commend the modern architects for having implemented such impressive house floor plans.

This modern home is very spacious and as I have said it is a combination of classic and modern. The reason behind this is because of the integration of the old structural building into the hip and modern Downtown vibe.

This modern architecture is an answer to the requirements of a single father with grownup children. Initially, the home is comprised of one huge open space but the architectural firm creatively divvied the living spaces into several functional areas including the guest space, great kitchen, master suite, karaoke area and others. Just one look at the bathroom design and I am sure you’d agree it deserves a 5-star.

Like other lofts, the inspirational layout of this home gave rise to different standalone spaces all clad with historical elements and modern material combinations unique to the interiors. In fact, the interior design complements the architectural design as if they were made for each other – a marriage that somehow exceeds our expectations.

The color changing LED lights are highlights to keep the dynamic and modern elements in sync with the classical elements. For me, this home stands out and I would love to retire to that cozy and warm bedroom at the end of an exhausting day.


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