Dream Home: Eclectic Home in Melbourne

Wow, talking about unique and artsy – this dream home is definitely it! This Eclectic Home in Melbourne is definitely jaw-dropping and it is but natural for me to say that I fell in love with the modern home almost instantly at first glance.

You see, I have a thing for artsy designs and if you check out the entirety of the modern architecture you would definitely agree with me. The place is really amazing and is home to owners who are behind the clothing label Alpha60. Finding out the owners of the home doesn’t really surprise me at all because of the strong artful identity of the place.

The layout of the building and the implemented house floor plans are simply inspirational especially with the fact that it is a converted industrial building. My personal favorite about this home is the presence of highly unusual objects in the home. I also love the brick-wall design on the great kitchen, which seemed to continue throughout the place. (Via)

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