Dream Home: Elegant Home on 253 Pacific Street by James Cleary Architecture

On the 253 Pacific Street in Brooklyn, New York, there stood an Elegant Home – a dream home in fact – designed and completed by James Cleary Architecture. It is a modern architecture containing three top-notch duplex residences.

The street elevation of the newly built 6-story building was a concept developed from the historic brownstones of Brooklyn. However, the materials used for its construction such as exposed concrete, wood and zinc are something that is unseen and therefore something to look forward to. I love this modern home already!

On the first level, the primary material is wood while on the upper floors you will find steel planter boxes and concrete piers bracket zinc cladding and wood. It protects the windows from the glaring summer sun, while adding a touch of green and creates rich shades playing all throughout the day.

Throughout the inspirational layout of each apartment, you will see the exposed concrete walls and ceilings and jaw-dropping walnut flooring. The great kitchen has the modernly sleek look considering the smooth lacquered finished cabinets complete with rough blackened steel that created its image.

There is also an awe-inspiring wood burning fireplaces and the private domain but outdoor space. To invite adequate natural light, the apartments were provided with large windows. The stairs are smartly designed and exclusive so that each apartment can be distinguished – such as the sweeping one from free standing fireplace or on the kitchen – and this actually created authentic cross views on every apartment.

Finally, it is very important for me to note that the 253 Pacific home is a highly efficient building enclosure, equipment, lighting scheme and plumbing fixtures vying for the LEED gold rating by using recycled materials wherever possible. This created a building with the least environmental impact and can reduce energy consumption by at least 35% as opposed to standard buildings. The house is still pending for testing and certification for the LEED rating.



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