Dream Home: Faliro Loft by ESE Studio

Definitely industrial – this is what I can say about the Faliro Loft, a dream home designed and completed by the ESE Studio. This loft features a rich interplay of various textures and amazing designs courtesy of Patricia Urquiola and some essential elements of Japanese design.

This kind of mixture made this modern home really special and unique but with an atmosphere of comfort – quite like an industrial space in the past – only more relaxing and homely.

In fact, the industrial quality of this modern architecture has suited the project perfectly as the designers implemented the layout and house floor plans both for interiors and exteriors. I must say that it created a lightened space – very cozy, warm and accommodating yet it still has the fun quality of design. The sharp edges brought by the industrial space were toned down by the beautiful fixtures and furniture pieces.

I like how the modern architects used the bold color scheme – raw concrete color and black – and toned down its strength by adding in some neutrality courtesy of wood. The great kitchen is an amazing part of this home – it is uniquely designed but highly functional. It is a place where you can comfortably prepare food for the entire family.

The industrial quality of the space made its way even into the bathroom design and it may be something you could expect as cold and bold rather I see it as privately warm and inviting space. It is a space where you can spend an entire day reminiscing and thinking about the past, present or future.

The layout is really inspirational and I stand in awe at how the designers completed the design. (via)

Photos via www.ioannaroufopoulou.gr

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