Dream Home: French Fantasy by D.mesure

Paris apartment, it was always my dream . I saw this fabulous french fantasy on Desire to Inspire and immediately wanted to share it with you , I think it’s better if I take my time savoring the limited moment I have in this modern home – elegant and so French!

There is no denying that the modern architecture is a family home but “effortlessly” elegant one that is. The architectural layout is pretty amazing in the addition to the inspirational vintage pieces. The exposed beams and floors are a sight to remember.

Actually, everything about this home is oozing with style – French to be exact and D.mesure implemented the concept impressively. There are no words to express how much I like the courtyard and window boxes and just look at that great kitchen – mouth-watering, don’t you think?

The bathroom design is also very medieval – like waking up in the era of prince and princesses. I just love this home and I can’t even find the right words that would suffice in describing such a heavenly place – surreal in fact.

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