Dream Home: Gorgeous Mid-Century Residence by Jamie Bush & Co

This Gorgeous Mid-Century Residence looks just like the magazines and I wonder what it’s like living there. The dream home stands within a 5,000-square foot area created with glass, steel redwood and stone. It is set at the foothills of La Canada, California and is designed by Jamie Bush & Co. They collaborated with Osborn Architects to complete the modern home. Although I mentioned it is modern, the design of the home is mid-century inspired based on its predecessor that has a poor condition and grew dilapidated over time.

The original house was pretty much loved by the owners so much and it took six years for them to pay homage to it despite integrating major physical and technological improvements. The owners of this modern architecture are middle aged and they had two teenage boys. The client’s brief was to create a home that represents warm and accommodating modernism – a home that has earthy feeling yet full of surprises and wonder.

The house floor plans implemented by the modern architects did just that. Jamie Bush & Co along with Osborn Architects had created interiors that is downright stunning including the great kitchen, bathroom design, material, color scheme and casework, just to name a few. The smart selection of furnishings is also very inspirational. The primary concept was to build a home that was created and designed from the exteriors towards the interiors. This means to say that every design elements have been implemented outside and were pulled right in.

This blurred the distinction between the exterior and interior spaces, which represents the genuine California style. The interior design complemented the layout and I love it especially the mid-century vintage finds and modern furnishings combination. As a result, the main theme depicted in the interior design has been heavy but light all at the same time with little enhancements here and there.

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