Dream Home: Guido Hager Apartment by Helenio Barbetta

I find the dream home Guido Hager Apartment, which is designed and completed by Helenio Barbetta, very impressive. It belongs to Guido Hager, a landscape architect living in Berlin. This modern home is really breathtaking and I must say it has captured my heart. At a glance, it may be a bit weird that no plants can be seen on site and there seems to be no touch of anything personal. However, I like how the modern architecture has been designed.

The interior design complemented the layout of the space – featuring the moldings and original floorboards. This flat is definitely among the top of my list of breathtaking homes. The roof structure and the flooring are really splendid and beautiful. I have dreamed of having a – work of art – kind of place.

The space itself is a demonstration of art – just look at those walls and you’ll understand. This inspirational space is a place where the heart is given much importance. The great kitchen and bathroom design look like they are being carved out from a magazine. I have dreamed of a place where art has been an essential design element and I think I have found inspiration in this apartment. (via)

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