Dream Home: Haus Am Weinberg by UNStudio

The Haus Am Weinberg is a dream home coming true for the owners. The modern home is located in Stuttgart, Germany and was finished in the year 2011. Its location provides expansive views of the stepped terraces of a historic hillside vineyard and the cityscape. The house floor plans that have been implemented coincide perfectly with the sloping landscape of the site, which the modern architects have adapted in their design approach.

The scales and inclinations, which is the natural sculpture of the vineyard, have been reflected perfectly in the structure of the modern architecture. It made the house appears volumetric, which in my humble opinion is very attractive and appealing.

The interiors particularly its circulation, organization and program have been captured in a single gesture called “the twist.” This is the focal point of design that supports the primary staircase. It guides and coordinates the flow of space within the interiors of the home. The main direction or orientation of flow is through a diagonal movement. This kind of program followed the direction of the sun, which resulted in a twist that eventually becomes a very unique experience within.

I love the impeccable and seemingly pure great kitchen. Just looking at it brings warmth within and it resonates with the accommodating air of the entire home. There is a double-height and glazed corner, where you can find the dining area. This space opens to the expansive views of the North-West and brings the vineyard hill as its most attractive backdrop. In the living room, you can experience the views of the South-West as well as the nearby parklands. The master bedroom and inspirational wellness spaces can be found on the upper level.

The layout of the home is a result of the existing sculpture of the site and in turn the interior design has been approached solely to evoke different atmosphere and spatial features, which allow natural light to seep in. The use of natural oak flooring, white clay stucco walls and natural stone have further enhanced the overall atmosphere.

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  • מעצבת פנים
    December 27, 2012

    Absolutely breathtaking. Also looks like a yīnyáng approach of the structure when looking at remotely.

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