Dream Home: Honiton Residence by MCK Architecture & Interiors

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As an overview, the Honiton Residence is a traditional house graced with a triangular roof. Upon close inspection, we realize that it is not as simple as it is on first glance. The one responsible for such design is MCK Architecture & Interiors. It is safe to say therefore that the dream home is not at all ‘traditional’ in appearance since it has many features that told us we’re looking at a modern home.

The modern architecture allows more room for outdoor activities like the large swimming pool but it also has amazingly stunning interiors with good taste in decoration. We found the integration of concrete, brick and wood competent and smart and this is the primary reason why the home emanates modernity and that accommodating look. Traditional shapes are added and the materials utilized were incorporated to give the home its distinct personality and style.

Personally, I think this is a design with geographic expedition in mind. The house floor plans were implemented and filled with stunning surprises such as the combination of Middle Eastern colors and the purity of white. This particular combination resulted to a perfectly tranquil and luxurious haven I would always dream of coming home at the end of the day.

MCK Architecture & Interiors renovated this family residence located at Bellevue Hill. The resulting design is one that truly speaks what a masterpiece is all about. It is done by transforming a work of art into a pure white canvas where bold accents tell their messages. The brief was to create a ‘reunited look’ because the client thinks the place is too big. This is the reason why the resulting design is one that gives more room for outdoor activities.

By using a new orientation to major living spaces, it maximized natural sunlight and ventilation adding a touch of serenity in the interior design. The previously closed rooms are unlocked and connected to the rest of the home spaces, which gave rise to friendly and functional living spaces.

The great kitchen is also connected to the formal dining and living areas by using a large void and this created a harmony and synchronicity of all design elements found in the place. The interior design made use of neutrality in terms of color to add distinctiveness and authenticity of character. The combination of all materials gave rise to an evocative contrast much as they were intense and striking.

Indeed, the overall layout of the design is inspirational and the clever way that MCK Architecture & Interiors designed the place allowed it to stand out visually both figuratively and literally.

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