Dream Home: House in Quinta Patino by FVArquitectos

I have seen many homes in this lifetime and this is the first time that I have seen such sporty and unique architectural design. I am not fond of a modern home but this time I am going to make an exception. The House in Quinta Patino is a dream home not only for the owners but for onlookers as well. This modern architecture is located in Quinta Patino particularly in Estoril, Portugal. It has been completed by FVArquitectos and I must say it is very authentic and unique.

The rectangular house floor plans gave rise to the kind of arrangement and orientation of the living spaces within the interiors. There is a modular arrangement of openings and compartments that showed the relationship between the outdoor courtyards and the internal configuration. This has rendered the living spaces look bigger than they actually are because they are fitted within the four perimeter walls. The interior design is a stand-alone but complements the scheme and concept followed by the house. There are rectilinear voids found in all of the elevations that extend the interior rooms towards the exterior zones.

The rooms are oriented in a way that the views are towards the irregular rock cliff that borders the construction site. The layout of this home is very inspirational and I can say they have put a lot of effort on the concept development as well as implementation. Natural vegetation and trees surround the site, which adds beauty and sporty touch to the house.

Privacy is ensured by the large window shutters made from wooden planks but also shield the interiors from intense solar gain. It became the contrast to the gray concrete of the exterior walls, which revealed the transparency through the home. The entryway leading towards the home is terminated by the courtyard and the hall leads towards the living and dining area as well the unique bathroom design on the western side.

The great kitchen on the other hand as well as the service spaces is located across the courtyard. Further in the interiors is the flight of stairs that lead towards the upper level master suite which is provided with a home office, closet and its own bathroom. There are other three suites located on the upper level as well, which all have access to a private terrace.

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