Dream Home: House M by Monovolume Architecture + Design

The House M is undoubtedly modern and artfully interesting. I find the contemporary design of this dream home really unique and stand out – which has been completed by Monovolume Architecture + Design. The Bozen-based studio has created and developed a concept that is well-suited for this modern home and in my humble opinion – they have not failed in any aspect.

The layout and the house floor plans perfectly complement each other without sacrificing the connection between the architecture and its interior design. The interiors are elegant and build seamless connection with its exteriors including the pool and outdoor living spaces.

The House M is located in the beautiful and quiet place of Obermais, Italy particularly in Meran. It is in a residential center and the concept of its design was to integrate transparent and solid surfaces at the same time to enable fascinating outlooks and perspectives.

The interiors have clear-cut connection and relationship with the exteriors allowing the terrain to flow right into the building. It gets re-acquainted with the pool and meadow area. The external architecture has a refined design including the systemic arrangement of lawn, house, pool and garden. As a result, the entire concept – if viewed as a whole – has seamless transition.

I find the entire architecture very inspiring especially on the ground floor where the slightly sloping layout seems like a staircase. The specific engineering of the home resulted to technological considerations of the building by following a compact volume. From concrete construction, the building has been finished with insulation – which in my opinion is an example of green living. (Via)

Photos courtesy of monovolume architecture + design

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