Dream Home: House of 2000 m2 by Yakusha Design

I find this particular dream home created and completed by Yakusha Design Studio very inspirational. I have seen a lot of beautiful homes – and in all of these the common denominator is the warm feeling and a sense of belongingness just by checking them out. The House of 2000 m2 is not an exception to this feeling.

This modern home features vibrant color, contemporary furnishings, beautiful artwork and authentic interior design. All of these key elements are combined to create a lovely home – but with outstanding personality. I have come to realize that even though you’re not an artist you can bring creativity inside your home – and this is defined more by this modern architecture than anything.

Its interiors signify differences like the marriage of modern and classic, cozy and direct, warm and cold – represented mainly by wood and glass – and the contrasting design elements gave this home a unique personality overall. I find the design a clean break from the usual concrete and glass found usually in busy cities. In this case, the beauty of nature blended with contemporary design elements has created a warm and cozy residence allowing you to relax and unwind.

Although at a glance you would see concrete and glass dominating, this is something you should not expect when you go inside. Inside, you’ll only experience warmth, belongingness and a sense of “home.” In other words, it is beyond just charming because of its “eco” style.

I love the great kitchen with its uncluttered, warm and direct design approach – I must say that Yakusha Design Studio has concretized what everyone dreams about their kitchen – clean cut yet very functional in every way. You can see that on the seamless continuity of space. The same is true with the bathroom design because here you will see utmost modernity but privacy or having the sense of “self” is emphasized.

The implemented layout and house floor plans are impeccable – in my humble opinion. For me, this home is inspirational inside and out. (Via)

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