Dream Home: Ipera 25 by Alatas Architecture and Consulting

I must say that as an architect I was very impressed with this modern home, the Ipera 25, this modern residential complex located in the historic and protected district Ipera in Istanbul. This house designed and completed by Alatas Architecture and Consulting, Ipera is a 10 flat building that goes beyond the conventional codes of the area.

The modern architecture features 10 stories with a total area of 1.100 square meters and the design concept pays respect to the environmental conditions, social and economic conditions and infrastructure typical to the region.

This project offers a new perspective on private housing. The concrete walls and glass façade  make this house an industrial look and feeling and the wooden shell are beautiful architecture element and  a great solution to protect the building from the sun.
Also perceived as a giant blind façade from an angle, the wooden surface can be seen as a tulle curtain that filters the light and works as an element that controls the sunlight .

The building is made of fine reinforced concrete built around steel an concrete elements that are used in a composite manner.

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