Dream Home: Lake House by ODA Architecture

The Lake House is a perfect dream home for anyone in my opinion. It is located in Putnam County, New York and features sustainable great kitchen and other appealing characteristics like the skylights, sun room and loft bedroom. The modern home was designed and completed by ODA Architecture – the firm that captured everything that’s essential to give this home a sense of warmth and belongingness.

Actually, the project was a summer cabin that was built in the year 1954 and initially complete demolition and reconstruction was necessary. However, the modern architects retained the original structure so that its rustic feature remains such as the wood frame and log cladding. By retaining these features, the modern architecture has become a peaceful and relaxing retreat even at a glance.

The architecture has two bedrooms provided with balcony, storage attic, two amazing fireplaces and a concrete slab basement. These areas have been used only during summer hence the house lacked the fundamental mechanics therefore its renovation included the integration of insulation, natural ventilation, heating and energy conservation, use of natural light and moisture control.

After the renovation, the modern living space on the basement was transformed. The space has now become a family/play room and laundry room and was provided with a small bathroom. The latter has a unique bathroom design.

I am impressed at how the modern architects implemented the new house floor plans for this finished home especially at the materials incorporated to create such a wonderful retreat. The exterior walls if you check out have been stripped to the frame and were insulated. Dry wall was then installed on top of the insulation – so in a way sustainable living was in place.

What I find interesting is the skylights, which was added on the south that faces the side of the house. This allowed more natural light to seep through the interiors and allowing natural circulation. This has improved greatly the interior design making the space look more spacious and warm.

As I have previously mentioned, the original rustic features were retained such as the original wood floors but were carefully maintained and refurbished. The original stone fireplaces were preserved as well and the home has an undeniably inspirational layout, which I must say is attributed to the experience and skills of ODA Architecture.

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  • Adam P.
    September 26, 2013

    This is exactly that kind of place where you can enjoy those beautiful autumn weekends that are ahead of us. Perfect hiding spot from all the world! Looking from the outside you wouldn´t say what a stylish interior it hides..very comfortable and warm yet stylish..I´m talking about the glass staircase railing in particular. Very nice touch.

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