Dream Home: Loft Bordeaux by Teresa Sapey Estudio

Would you believe if I say that a dream home is a place where your heart desires to be? I may not be making sense but if you check out this spacious modern home you will know what I am talking about. This is the Loft Bordeaux designed and completed by Teresa Sapey Estudio.

This modern architecture is located in a previously known garage specifically in Bordeaux industrial district. The house was fully renovated and divided into two distinct domains – public domain where the owners can entertain guests and the private domain for personal purposes.

The public domain is where you can find the great kitchen – as expected very spacious, functional and uncluttered. Also, you can find here the cellar and of course the guest room – which all has distinct and specific interior design.

The private domain, on the other hand, is where you can find the large lounge with the interesting lining of bookcases and the inner courtyard. You will also find the indoor swimming pool that links the gym into the bathroom design that leads into the bedroom by way of the dressing room. There is also an overlooking space on the upper floor which has the snooker table where you can look down on the lounge.

The layout of this home including the implemented house floor plans is seamless and is more focused on giving the home its spacious and more functional look rather than appeal but I must say that if appeal is what you want – this home has more of its subtle presence – inspirational indeed! (Via)
Photos © Teresa Sapey.

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