Dream Home: Maleny House by Bark Design Architects

At a glance, the Maleny House looked like a foundation – yet to be developed. However, after close inspection, we found out that the “Glass House Mountain House” located in Maleny is actually a dream home celebrating the site as it perches on the edge of the remaining rim of Glass House range. It also demonstrates the essence of the place with both the “sky and mountains” as its backdrop.

Nature found its way to the modern home by using “glass and stone.” Glass is used to fill the interiors with views of the sky and the “stone” denotes the mountains. The modern architecture is undeniably connected to its landscape. It demonstrates both the sky and mountain because the house has qualities of both being anchored to earth and being transparent like the sky making it appears light and floating.

The implemented house floor plans produced a ‘sanctuary’ on the courtyard space. The edges of which are being defined by the ambiguous transition between the interiors and exteriors since the spaces are only divided with the transparency of the glass. The ‘sanctuary’ evokes a feeling of being in a faraway place – doing yoga and the likes yet as it lie against the monumental basalt – called ‘garden wall,’ one is taken back to the reality once more.

The overall layout of the house is engaging to the existing topography, views, lush greenery and orientation of land and in addition the house achieved a good balance between economy and art.

Bark Design Architects allowed the inspirational design to sink deep into the concept resulting to a mixture of economical finishes, clarity, originality, textured, unadorned and most of all natural surfaces and this merged into a fine craft of timber bits and pieces. We find it extremely similar to the Japanese concept of wabi sabi – which means that the beauty of things can be seen through their imperfections, incompleteness and impermanence. The design demonstrated an evolution and flexibility to change with time.

The interior design of the house is simple yet modern and sophisticated and Bark Design Architects captured my attention through the sustainable elements found in the design such as the natural cooling and lighting system. This allowed the natural breeze and winter sun to enter the architecture through the use of hardwood, quarry rock, recycled timber floors and plywood cladding and lining from local sources.

The great kitchen looks convenient and functional in a sense that it makes perfect connection with its surroundings especially with its open area even the bathroom design makes its own connection with the environment as well. The furniture and fixtures are chosen smartly and wisely to celebrate the unification of earth and sky to the architectural design.

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