Dream Home: Mantova House by Giampaolo Benedini

I feel like I’m looking at an ancient slash contemporary residence as I check out this historic dream home – the Mantova House. It was designed and completed by Giampaolo Benedini and is located at Mantova, Italy.

This modern architecture has distinct delineation between contemporary and historic design elements. The beautiful home has furnishings and furniture that complement both sides of design – modern and classic. There are art pieces scattered here and there.

My most loved part of this villa is the bathroom design, which is stunningly beautiful – not to mention greatly inviting. The great kitchen on the other hand has more of the contemporary side as it is sleek and sophisticated.

The layout of the home as well as the house floor plans support the very concept of design allowing seamless flow of space without sacrificing the historic/modern style. I find this home very beautiful and inspirational indeed! (Via)

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  • Josh Urso Design
    March 8, 2013

    An exciting meld of old world and new. Although the kitchen and bath are decidedly modern, the palette and clean modern choices work with the history of the structure. The moldings, trim, and structural features of the home add character to the design that remind us we are in Italy.

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