Dream Home: Miami Penthouse of Pharrell Williams

The Miami Penthouse of Pharrell Williams and how it looks like has been revealed to the public after it has been put up for sale. A lot of hip-hop enthusiasts may wonder what this famous American rapper’s home looks like but now at a glance – it looks like a dream home coming true. It stands royally within a 9,000 square feet area – a penthouse duplex in Miami, Florida.

This modern home followed a concept of the marriage between “kid” and “adult” interior design. The interiors of this home are ultra-modern and almost breathtaking considering it is spacious and has a very light atmosphere. The architectural design can be described as a reverse fishbowl. This kind of approach allowed the owner to observe everything that happens outside of the home without them looking back inside – 100% privacy.

The penthouse has five bedrooms and it features six and half bathrooms with unique and contemporary bathroom design. It also features a home theatre with leather seats and a triple-story main area. The home also offers the breathtaking view of the ocean, bay and city courtesy of the glass walls.

The combination of fine granite and wood floors allowed for sophistication and heightened elegance. I find the entire space very inspirational and well-thought of considering the carefully planned and implemented house floor plans. (via)

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