Dream Home: Minimalist White Home by Architect John Pawson

The Minimalist White Home is designed by its owner – Architect John Pawson. It is divided into different zones but with distinct interior design – minimalistic. The great kitchen has the clean line units running smoothly from this area into the garden, which connects the interiors with the exteriors. This created a very unique indoor/outdoor feel and in addition the large glass doors pull in adequate amount of natural light.

This dream home has been created with visually comfortable concept, clean lines, uncluttered and with enough light. White is the predominating color scheme on the kitchen units and walls but it is slightly variable. This created a subtle depth to the space while adding a touch of warmth and coziness.

The living room has another story especially the implemented house floor plans. It features natural colors including white, soft grey and bronze. This allowed the space to boast up a subtle touch of sophistication and elegance. It also features a subtle texture including the weave of basket design and I must say that to call this beautiful is an understatement.

The concept followed by the inspirational living room is the quiet contemplation, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing moment with different views on the range of seating available. The focal point of design is the simple fireplace – in fact I would say that this simplicity is elegance.

I also find the hallway impressive but it is oozing with simplicity allowing your line of sight to move upwards. It is highlighted by the copper sculpture on the floor, which reflects the graphic lines found on the stairs. American Carl Andre designed the copper piece of artwork.

The bathroom design features the glass roof that slides if you want fresh air when you are showering – definitely an ingenious work of art. (via)

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