Dream Home: Napa Vineyard House by Remick Associates Architecture

Have you ever seen a home that looks like a doll house? In my opinion, this actively describes the Napa Vineyard House which was completed and designed by Remick Associates Architecture. This dream home is a contemporary weekend home that is located in Napa Valley, California. The site is a perfect setting where inspirational vacation homes have been built.

This modern home is a great place I want to go to during vacation. It looks relaxing, accommodating and inviting all at the same time. I love the great kitchen and the bathroom design has too much appeal that I couldn’t help but wonder whether I am really looking at a real house or not.

The finished architectural design transformed the unfinished Swiss chalet-style house into modern architecture, which is now the Napa Vineyard House. The project for me is overwhelmingly stunning and amazing with lots of interesting and artistic feature. The finishes and fixtures were all carefully chosen so that it matches the existing design of the home.

For me, to say that this home is a great vacation place is an understatement. I just love how the architecture and interior design complements each other and I couldn’t seem to have enough. Privacy is heightened but still allowed room for interaction just the way I like it. (via)

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